786 Cosmetics: influencers who love 786 nail polishes

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In the ever evolving world of beauty and nail art where come and go, but the 786 nail polishes consistently captivate influences and Neil lovers.The stunning range of colors of 786 nail polishes has taken the nail polish world by the storm. Muslim women now can wear gorgeous, chip-resistant stunning shades that are also breathable and wudu-friendly. But what makes 786 so popular among the influencers who are talking about it? Let's explore the world of halal nail polish and explore why 786 is a game-changer.

Breathable Beauty That Meets your Needs With 786 Nail Polishes 

As traditional nail polishes create barriers that can hinder the water absorption during 786 comes in with its unique qualities and water permeable formula. 786 breathable technology addresses this concern and allows water to reach the nails making a valid wudu.

But breathability isn't all! 786 polishes are:

  • Chic and Long-Lasting: Available in a delightful range of colors, from bold brights to elegant nudes, 786 polishes offer chip-resistant wear that lets your manicure shine.
  • Healthy and Cruelty-Free: Free of harsh chemicals like formaldehyde and toluene, 786 prioritizes your well-being and avoids animal testing, making it a conscious choice.
  • Vegan Friendly: 786 formula excludes animal derived ingredients making perfect for those who follow a vegan lifestyle.

Influencers who love 786 nail polishes 

The halal community of influencers is loving the 786 nail polishes. Here are some of prominent influencers who are rocking 786 nail polishes and inspiring others:

    • @natalia_awais (Natalia Awais): A Pakistan-based artist, Natalia showcases 786's versatility on her nails. She says it's totally worth it. Loved the quality. No need for double coating and additionally the best part is cruelty free. I'm in love with this brand. The colors are so pigmented that even a single coat is enough. The shades she is in love with are Sakura, Kashmir and Jakarta
    • @laraib_rahim  (Laraib Rahim): Known for her honest reviews and tutorials, Laraib has given 786 a big thumbs up. She loves the ease of application, long-lasting wear, and breathability of the polishes. 
    • @dananeerr (Dananeer): Internet sensation Dananeer  express herself through fashion and beauty Dananeer is a big fan of 786 nail polishes and love the color range no worries take off as it is remain wudu compliant 
    • @urwatistic (Urwa Hocane): A Pakistani celebrity Urwa says that I won't have to take off my nail polishes for namaz right after the shoots and I won't be avoiding nail color as much as I could like before. Such lovely colors and no worries to take the nail color off for namaz. 
  • @nawalsyedhaseebb (Nawal Hamza): The insta sensation Nawal absolutely is in love with the quality and shades of 786 nail polishes. As colors are very beautiful and go on very smoothly and it does dry fast which is a plus point. I can't wait to try all of them. I highly recommend it. 
  • Beyond the Big Names: A Community of Love for 786

    Social media is brimming with everyday women who have embraced 786. Search for #786Cosmetics on Instagram or TikTok, and you'll be greeted by a vibrant community sharing their experiences. From explaining about the ease of  Wudu with 786 nail polishes and showing their favorite stunning colors,these womens are proving that a halal beauty is anything but limiting.

    Find Your Perfect Shade with 786 Halal Nail Polish

    Ready to join the 786 revolution? Here's are some tips to find your perfect shade:

    • Explore their website: Browse the entire collection and discover the colors that speak to you. 786 offers a variety of finishes, from cremes and shimmers to glitters and mattes, so you can find the perfect match for your style.
    • Check social media: Look for inspiration from influencers and fellow beauty enthusiasts. Don't hesitate to ask questions or request swatches in the comments section.
    • Consider buying bundles: 786 offers curated collections of colors in a bundle. That's how you can save more. 

    More Than Just Nail Polish: 786's Empowering You

    786 cosmetics are more than just a nail polish 786 empowers and it's a symbol of diversity and empowerment. Their range of vibrant colors offers gorgeous shades from around the world. 786 provides high quality faith friendly nail polishes allowing Muslim women to express oneself through nail designs and show their distinctive sense of style without compromising. 

    So, Are you ready to discover the beauty with the magic of 786 nail polishes? With their dedication to inclusivity, quality and breathability. 786 is paving the way for a future where elegant and faith conscious nails are the standard. Explore a range of colors to express yourself with confidence and joy.